Check that you sitemap XML is working

Sitemap.xml is the file that helps search engines to find information on your site that sometimes can not be reached via the menu. But if you have created a dynamic sitemap.xml file you sometimes need to check that all URLs that the sitemap.xml present actualy working. With Nibium you can test that.

You can go to "Run test" and specify the URL to your sitemap.xml (Ex: and click on Load. Niobium will now read your sitemap and create a list of all your URLs that are found in the sitemap.

Next step is to specify which site that you want to test all these URLs on. In this case you want to test your own site so you should write the URL to your site (Ex:

Now all needed information is specified you can run the test. When test is done the report will automatically be displayed for you. The report will contain information about the status for all URLs.

If you have found any problem with your sitemap URLs, you can fix that and rerun the test.

This test does not validate your sitemap.xml. It just checks that the URLs specified in the file is working as they should. If you need to validate your sitemap.xml there are many tools that you can use.
Below there is a list of sitemap.xml validators. We have not ordered the tools in any specific way so it is up to you to decide which one you want to use.