About to launch a new site?

There are some tests that you should check before launch your new website. Ask yourself theses questions:

  • Do I have a Google webmaster tools account for your website?
  • Do I have a robots.txt?
  • Do I have a XML sitemap? And is it working?
  • Is all your pages on your site working (no errors on the page)?
  • Do we redirect old URLs to new pages on the new website?

Google webmaster tools

The reason why you should have a Google webmaster tools account is simple. It will show you information about how Google have indexed your site and how people is searching to find your website. You will also get information about broken links, error pages etc. And when you are using ExperiorTools you can simple use information from Google webmaster tools when doing tests on your website.

Create a Google webmaster tools account


The robots.txt file is a simple textfile that should be placed in your website root folder ex: http://www.yoursite.com/robots.txt. The file should contain information about which search engines that are allowed to index your site, which folders that are allowed and disallowed to be indexed by the search engines and last a reference to your XML sitemap. For more information about how to structure and create a XML sitemap you could find http://www.robotstxt.org/. If you want to test your robots.txt you can use Googles robots.txt tester.

XML sitemap

A XML sitemap is a XML file that should contain links to all your public pages on your site. This will make it simplier for search engines to find all your webpages on your website. To create a XML sitemap there is a great instruction @ google.

Now when you have a XML sitemap you should test that all your pages is working. And this is now Experior Tools comes in to the picture. 

Experior Tools

Create a account today and start testing your site. If you already is a member start your test now.